Research and Development

Since beginning as one of the pioneers in the sector of ceramic faucet valving in 1982, Kerox has strengthened its position as a leading supplier in this field worldwide. Along with its rapid growth in the production of standard cartridges, the company has steadily reinvested in its commitment to on-going product development over the years.

Today this is evidenced by the team of 25 engineers within the plant, resulting in a constant flow of new, innovative products, including special types developed specifically for individual customers, as well as continuous improvements to standard models.

Key to Kerox' ability to quickly and efficiently implement new product designs is its company-owned and managed manufacturing capability that includes:

  • In-house production of ceramic disks
  • In-house production of plastic components
  • In-house production-related tooling
  • Proprietary, patented lubrication

These factors give Kerox complete control over critical phases of development, tooling and production, increasing efficiency and reducing lead-times.

An ongoing objective of management is to maintain a high sensitivity to the following priorities related to product development:

  • Innovations triggered by overall market factors and own ideas
  • New products designs triggered by specific customer needs
  • Product improvements triggered by Kerox' internal reviews


Kerox currently offers 11 different types of valves in the following categories which include standard and special models, such as:

  • Conventional single-lever
  • Thermostatic
  • Pressure balance
  • Water saving
  • Energy saving
  • Joystick
  • Rotary (cycling/sequential)
  • Diverter
  • Flow-through
  • Single-flow
  • Head valves

In many cases, certain cartridges within various categories are interchangeable with each other in terms of their fit within the same faucet or shower valve body. This is a distinct advantage to the faucet manufacturer from the standpoint of minimizing additional tooling and inventory of mating bodies.

Today Kerox Ltd. also offers a wide range of ceramic disks for various industrial sectors. In addition to these complete valving cartridges, Kerox also produces wax motors for use in thermostatic valves of its customers. The company offers standard models in this category, as well as custom types manufactured to the precise specifications of its clients.

Some of the Kerox's cartridges are patented worldwide.

Kerox's engineering staff is constantly reviewing the selection of materials used in the production of its cartridges to assure maximum performance in terms of basic valving function, reliability and safety. This constant improvement in the use of modern engineering materials assures high strength, dimensional precision, resistance to liming, fast response (in the case of thermostats), and overall long term problem-free cartridges.

The factory's state-of-the-art laboratory is equipped with all the latest technological equipment needed for conducting a wide range of testing of cartridges in current production, as well as those under development. Kerox' engineering library includes relevant standards of every country in which its products are sold, and the company is able to conduct all specified performance requirements with precision.